School Wide Class Information

Welcome to Laneshaw Bridge School.  We hope you find the information below useful.  Should there be anything else you need to know please contact the school on 01282 865996 or email

All of the information below is common between all year groups.


Sickness and Diarrhoea - If your child is physically sick or has diarrhoea at home, we follow Lancashire’s Policy of 48 hours before they are able to return to school. Please inform school if your child will be absent from school. Also, please inform the school each day your child is absent.

If your child has been sick or has diarrhoea at school and have been sent home the same procedure as above applies.

Chicken pox - Your child cannot be in school until all the spots have dried up.

Slapped Cheek - Children are welcome in school however be mindful that severe itching can cause distress for a child and disrupt learning.


School will give prescribed medicines to your child. we will administer Calpol and other pain relief medication where a child has physically hurt themselves with your consent but not in the instance of a sore throat which maybe passed onto other children. For more information relating to medicine in school please see our Medication_Policy_2021-2022.pdf


*Following guidelines produced by the NSPCC, children are expected to wear their PE kit to school on the day they are due to have PE. Children will be encouraged to wear trainers and until school have Laneshaw Bridge school tracksuit they will be able to wear a black tracksuit comprising a zip jacket and sports trousers.  Tight sports wear or jogging bottoms are not included in the tracksuit uniform*

 Timetable of lessons can be found below:

Day Lesson AM Lesson PM
Monday   Year 3
Tuesday   Year 5
Wednesday   Year 4

Year 1, Year 2

Friday   Year 6


After-School Clubs

We aim to offer a variety of clubs each term to engage children in activities beyond the curriculum, to support wellbeing, physical development and collaboration. Information about clubs is sent out each half term. Many clubs have limited places. In this instance, all names of children interested in the club are drawn out of a hat until the places have been filled.

Pick-up for clubs is at the main entrance to school except for ballet which is at the hall door.


School has an excellent, caring and dedicated kitchen team who offer a well-balanced lunch for the children. All EYFS and Key Stage 1 children are entitled to a free lunch.  Children share lunch with others in their team.

The diets of all children can be catered for by the kitchen team. Please contact school if you wish to discuss this further.

Over the lunch period children will also have the opportunity to participate in organised playtime games.

Arriving & Departing School

Arriving: The school gates will be open at 8:45am and children enter school through their respective classroom door where a member of staff will greet them. For safeguarding purposes, the gates are then locked at 8:55am. Registration begins at 8:55am. Should your child arrive in school late and enters through the front door then they will be marked as late.

Departing: The gates to school will be opened at 3:30pm. You are able to meet your children at the classroom door. The teacher will only allow children to go with their designated person. Children are allowed to walk home or down to the carpark providing a letter or email outlining this has been sent to school.

Parking: For safety reasons please use the carpark at the bottom of school for drop off and pick up even for before and after school clubs. The staff carpark is for staff and disabled access only. Please do not park around the back of school as this is for access only.