Parent Voice


Welcome to Parent Voice,

To begin with, on behalf of myself and the school I would like to thank you for giving your time generously to attend the inaugural meeting of Parent Voice.  It was wonderful to see voluntary representation from a broad cross-section of the school.

This brief welcome letter is to inform you of the outcome of the first meeting:

· We agreed the purpose and function of the group, to give parents a collective voice on key issues relevant to the school.  We all agreed that the group is not a place where a child’s individual concerns or issues are discussed.   That will remain between the parent and the teacher/Head Teacher.

· The group collectively agreed to appoint a chair; Marie Burnham and a secretary; Lindsey Coffey. It has also been suggested that a vice chair and vice secretary would be of benefit and will look with a view to elect these at the next meeting.

· Representing the school will always be at least the Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher and Mr Walker a teaching assistant in Year 5.

· It was stressed that this was an open forum and was available to all parents whenever they wished to attend.  Other means of communicating with the group could be achieved via the website and a comments box was agreed so that all parents could have a voice even if they are unable to attend the meetings. 

Items discussed:

· Nativity- it was agreed that there would be a second performance of the Reception/Key Stage 1 Nativity at 5:30pm allowing working parents this valuable opportunity to see their children perform.

· Calendar of events - parents agreed that this was very helpful, allowing them to plan ahead.  Adding the cost to the diary of events to allow parents to plan in advance for budgeting and payments was something we as a school agreed to look at.

· School Trips - Mrs Sharples asked whether parents felt if there was excessive number of trips.  Parents felt the trips were interesting and valuable educational enrichment.

· Money - Parents needed reassurance that money sent into school via the children was received by the office staff.  It was concluded that school would look into an online payment system ASAP.

· Christmas show - Parents raised concerns that there seemed to be no Year 6 Christmas Show and that children would be disappointed. Mrs Sharples reassured them that there would be a show of the same quality but it would take place at the end of the year and ultimately the children would decide the context of said show.

· Photographs - Parents asked whether or not it would be possible to have access to photographs during school events as safeguarding guidelines prevent parents taking personal photographs.  It was suggested that photographs need to available free of charge and this was something the school would look into.

· Home/School working agreement - parents agreed that this was a very helpful document enabling us all to work together.

· Facebook - it was agreed that it was a very helpful tool for parents to communicate with each other.

· Parents Evenings - Will start earlier at 2:00pm finishing at 8:00pm.

· Community use of the school - parents were pleased to see the school embarking on community integrated activities.

· Homework - parents felt that the homework tasks over the summer were excessive. Mrs Sharples agreed to look at this for next year.

In conclusion, all parents agreed that it would be a good idea to minute the meetings and distribute these to all parents.  This allows all parents to be informed of school-wide issues and have the opportunity to comment by either attending the next meeting or sharing their comments via a new link that will be available shortly on the school website or via a comment box that will be  in the school entrance.  Parent Voice gives all parents at any time the opportunity to get involved and share ideas to continue to improve the school for their children.

We are looking forward to working together in this open and transparent way with all parents and hope to see you at our next meeting.  

Once again, I understand how precious your time at home is with your children and wholeheartedly appreciate the time you spend at the meeting, I look forward to working together as one to continue to improve and sustain this wonderful school.

Mrs Sharples


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